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Love it. Easy to use, clean and modern software for coaches. My clients love it too which is really great.

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Coaching packages managed


Sessions scheduled


Worksheets and resources shared

Coaching Packages Management.

1. Setup pricing for your service

Just set the number of sessions included, if any, specify pricing and you are ready to get paid.


2. Add optional worksheets for each session

Add one or more worksheets to be sent before each session, after it's completed or as soon as the session is booked.

3. Add welcome materials and legal docs.

Automatically send your client a personalized welcome email as soon as they purchase from you with all the materials and legal docs included right in their inbox.

All they need to do is to just click a link to sign a legal doc or to view materials.


4. Share link to get paid

Share checkout link or send invite to you clients.

When they complete the purchase, they will get the welcome email with the resources and legal docs to sign, and an ability to schedule sessions with you.

IAOTRC protocols automation.

1. Automatically Assign the Initial Protocols to your clients

When a client schedules a session with you, they will be automatically assigned the initial protocols.

The initial protocols include:
- Brief intake form
- Activities of Daily Living Worksheet
- Safety Risk Assessment
- Detailed intake form
- Recovery Goals Worksheet


2. Automatic results for Activities of Daily Living Worksheet and Safety Risk Assessment

Qwoach will automatically calculate the outcomes for the Activities of Daily Living Worksheet and Safety Risk Assessment so you don't have to spend your valuable time on doing maths.

3. Keep track of all the follow ups and protocols based on the client's outcomes. Automatically.

And get the reminders straight to your calendar.

30-60-90 days followups based on the impairments?

Escalated Care or Safety Care Plan based on the Safety Risk Assessment? Or should you proceed to discussing the client's concerns?

The system will guide you through each step and it will keep track of every aspect of the workflow for you so you can focus on what really matters.


Other features.


Collect Payment with Stripe or PayPal

Easily keep track of all the invoices and payments in one place.

Connect your calendars to streamline your booking.

It's like Calendly But Built For Coaches

Connect your Google or Outlook calendar to let Qwoach automatically check for conflicts and create new sessions as they are scheduled.

Using multiple calendars? Unlike other software, you can connect all of your calendars to ensure you are never double booked.


Store All of Your Files in One Secure Place

It's Like Google Drive, But Built For Coaches

Share video recordings, audio files, notes, images. All in a secure private space.

No Matter How Big or Small.

Share In-Take Forms and Questionnaires

It's like Google Forms But Built For Coaches

Select from multiple question types, like text answer, checkboxes, single answer etc

Smart questions that go straight to your clients' profile. Like their name, contact details, phone number, address, emergency contacts and much more. No Need to manually put that info anymore.

Keep track of your client's changes over time with auto scoring and result buckets.


Intuitive Drag&Drop Genogram builder and Trauma Timeline.

It's like nothing else sitting right there for you.

Research on traumatic relationships and events in a visual and interactive way together with your client.

Secure and easy to use portal for your clients

Your client can easily keep track of their sessions, sign legal documents, and access all the materials you share with them.


In-house HIPAA Legal docs Management.

Securely manage all of your legal docs in one place.

Request signature from your client with a single click and let them sign it right from their inbox.

HIPAA Compliant

All your data is secured with our HIPAA Compliant Technology which undergoes regular security and compliance reviews to make sure all of your clients' data always stay secure.

Unlike other software for coaches that rely on external tools, we handle all and every aspect of your coaching using our internal secure tools, including forms, worksheets, file storage, signature management, scheduling etc, so you clients' data is never shared with 3rd parties.


Qwoach Essentials


Coaching Packages Management
IAOTRC Worflow Automation
Scheduler with Multiple Calendars
Unlimited Active Clients
Unlimited Forms
Unlimited Contracts & eSignatures
Unlimited Journal Entries
Stripe and PayPal Integration

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