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Whee of Life is the tool to evaluate your life, achieve your true balance and to shape your destiny

Tony Robbins

A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be

Brian Cagneey

Coaching works because people learn by doing what they would have done anyway - just smarter, faster, better, and with support and feedback.

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How can the Qwoach Interactive Wheel of Life tool benefit my coaching practice?

For your coaching clients

Holistic Assessment ...

The tool provides a holistic view of a client's life by dividing it into key categories or areas, such as career, health, relationships, personal growth, and more. This allows coaches to assess and discuss multiple dimensions of a client's well-being. .

Goal Setting ...

The Wheel of Life helps clients identify areas where they want to improve or set goals. By visualizing the current state of their life in each category, clients can pinpoint areas that need attention and prioritize their goals effectively.

Progress Tracking ...

Over time, clients can use the Wheel of Life to track their progress and measure the impact of coaching interventions. It offers a visual representation of their journey, making it easier to see how far they've come.

Visual Impact ...

The visual representation of the Wheel of Life assessment is powerful. It allows clients to see at a glance which areas of their life they are satisfied with and which ones need attention, making it an effective coaching aid.

Customized Coaching ...

Depending on the specific tool or platform you use, the Wheel of Life can often be customized to align with your coaching niche or the specific goals of your clients. This customization ensures that it's relevant to your practice.

For your coaching business

... Client Engagement

It's an engaging and interactive tool that clients can easily relate to. It fosters active participation and collaboration between coaches and clients, making coaching sessions more dynamic and client-centered.

... Data-Driven Coaching

The tool provides a structured way to collect data on a client's life satisfaction and overall well-being. Coaches can use this data to track progress over time, demonstrating the effectiveness of their coaching services. Data-driven coaching can be a compelling selling point when attracting new clients.

... Client Retention

By offering a valuable assessment tool, coaches can enhance client satisfaction and retention. Clients appreciate coaches who provide practical resources to support their development.

... Lead Generation

Offering the Wheel of Life assessment as a lead magnet can attract potential clients to a coach's website. Coaches can capture leads by encouraging visitors to complete the assessment, which provides valuable insights and encourages them to seek further coaching.

... Value-Added Service

The Wheel of Life adds a new dimension to a coach's services. It's a versatile tool that can be used in individual coaching sessions, group workshops, or even as a self-assessment for clients. By providing this tool, coaches offer added value to their clients, increasing their attractiveness in a competitive coaching market.

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How Does It Work?

Create your custom wheel in under 15 minutes and start getting new leads.




Add 6-8 custom areas. Or use one of our predefined templates to help you getting started. Think of what areas are most important to your ideal client.



Send the link or add the wheel to your website so your prospects or existing clients can engage. Let your prospects complete the assessment and uncover the gaps in the selected areas of their life.




Schedule a clarity session using the inbuilt or your own scheduler with the new prospects after they complete the assessment and connect with them to build your further relationship.

Pricing plans

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7 days free trial
One custom wheel
Unlimited client assessments
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

The Qwoach Interactive Wheel of Life tool is a coaching resource designed to assess and visualize various aspects of an individual's life or specific areas of focus. It's a widely used tool in the coaching industry to help clients gain insights into their current life balance and set meaningful goals for personal or professional development. It can be a valuable addition to your coaching practice. It enhances the coaching experience by providing a structured approach to assessment, goal setting, and progress tracking, ultimately helping clients achieve greater balance and fulfillment in their lives.
Sign Up/Log In: If you're not already registered with Qwoach, you'll need to sign up for an trial account. If you already have an account, log in using your credentials.
Yes, the Qwoach Wheel of Life is highly customizable to cater to your coaching niche or specific goals. This flexibility allows coaches to tailor the tool to address the unique needs and focus areas of their clients.
Yes, you can brand the Wheel of Life tool with your coaching practice's logo and two colors, if you're using a the Pro Plan
You will get a unique link for your wheel of life that you can share with your client directly or to put it on your website.
Yes We have library of simple and short videos along with a searchable kwowledge base. Occasionally, we host webinars or workshops on how to use the tools effectively. These events are announced on our website or through newsletter
Qwoach Wheel of Life is designed to be used with multiple clients. You can create and manage assessments for different clients within the tool. The tool provides a client management interface where you can create client profiles, track their progress, and access their individual assessment results. You can customize and set up assessments tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client. This ensures that the tool is personalized and relevant to each coaching relationship.
Clients can access their assessment results by logging into their accounts on the platform. They have a dedicated area where they can view and review their results.
It will automatically send clients an email with a link to their results or a PDF attachment.
Yes. You can contact us at support email or by clicking the "get help" button through your account to leave us your message and we'll get i touch with you, typically within few hours.
Qwoach Interactive Wheel of Life is available as a monthly and a discounted yearly subscription. Please see the pricing plans above for additional detaills.
Qwoach offers the all-in-one platform to manage all of your administrative work. For custom features or integrations, please contact our support.
The frequency at which you encourage your coaching clients to use the Qwoach Wheel of Life tool can vary depending on the coaching goals, the client's needs, and the coaching agreement. is a flexible tool that can be adapted to your coaching style and the unique needs of each client. It should be used to enhance the coaching process and support your clients' personal and professional development. Regular check-ins should be conducted in a way that adds value to the coaching relationship and helps clients achieve their goals.
Yes, click here to try our Wheel of Life interactive demo and to sign up for our 7 day free Trial. Sign-Up is directly on our website.